Companion Community Classes

Just as we have companion plants in the garden, learning and growing together will make us thrive. Join the monthly group sessions, where each meeting unfolds new insights into a different aspect of homesteading. The focus is on practical tips, time-saving hacks, and streamlined processes. Please note that these are not live demonstrations of the skills, but a deeper dive into gaining clarity and systems on the topics, all designed to blend seamlessly with your bustling life.

In these Monthly classes, we will:

  • Explore a new homesteading topic each month, providing fresh and seasonal content.
  • Share practical tips and time-saving hacks that ease your homesteading tasks.
  • Discuss streamlined processes to integrate homesteading seamlessly into your busy life.
  • Foster a supportive environment for sharing and discussion, enriching your learning through community engagement.

After each session, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of various homesteading topics.
  • Actionable tips and strategies that you can immediately apply to your homestead.
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals for ongoing support and inspiration.
  • An opportunity to share your experiences and learn from the collective wisdom of the group.

Let’s learn together and create community solutions

Companion Community Classes 2024

Below is the tentative schedule and topics for the 2024 Companion Community Classes. Each class will be at 12:30 PM EST via Zoom.

April 11

Green Thumbs Up: Kickstarting Your Garden Season with Ease

May 9

Transforming Your Home with Non-toxic Living and Eco-Friendly Cleaning

June 13

Bulk Buying, Pantry storage, and Prepping (without the conspiracy)

July 11

Sustainable Living, Waste Reduction, and the Backyard Composting

August 8

Preserving and Canning Your Garden (or Farmer’s Market) Harvest

September 12

Herbal Remedies 101: OTC Swaps and Prepping for Cold and Flu Season

October 10

Kitchen Efficiency, Hosting, Hospitality, and Early Holiday Preparation

November 14

Smart Finance for Homesteaders: Budgeting Made Simple

December 12

Stress-Free Homestead Planning and Goal Setting for the New Year

January 9

Sustainable Decluttering and All About Homestead Minimalism

Companion Community


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FAQs About Companion Community Classes

Each class date is posted above. Each class will be at 12:30 PM EST via Zoom calls. If you cannot make it, no refund will be issued. Everyone will receive a video recording of the call after the class.

These calls may range from how to streamline meal planning to the best way to make sourdough to time blocking and time management. Each course topic is listed above. Be sure to follow along on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date for more on each month’s topic.

Absolutely! Phone, laptop, desktop… come as you are! Kids screaming in the background? No problem (Well… mute yourself. But still. I get it. Me too.). Grab a coffee and get cozy.

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But guess what? It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing ordeal. I’ve found a way to live out homesteading principles in my own modern style, letting go of some things and crafting a plan that sticks. And now, I’m here to guide you to do the same (with lots of inspiration, recipes, and lessons I’ve learned along the way)!

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