30 Day

Declutter Challenge

By The Homestead Challenge

January 2024

Getting Rid of stuff is necessary (and wasteful). Let's get rid of junk in the best way possible.


Getting Started

A 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable is the perfect way to kick start your decluttering process into gear! I have created a printable guide to get you through 30 days of decluttering every area of your home.


Where can I get rid of my decluttered items?

-Thrift Stores -Facebook Marketplace -Recycling Centers -Terracycle -Local Churches Women's Shelters



Just because you are decluttering does not mean you have to become a minimalist. This challenge is not here to tell you to get rid of everything you own. That is not sustainable

The Challenge

Day 1: Tupperware Day 2: Clothing Day 3: Medicine Cabinet Day 4: Essential Oil Bottles Day 5: Fridge Day 6: Technology (digital) Day 7: Technology (physical) Day 8: Catch Up Day 9: Candles Day 10: Junk Drawer Day 11: Kid's Toys Day 12: Pantry Day 13: Towels Day 14: Shoes Day 15: Catch Up Day 16: Mail and Papers Day 17: Garage Chemicals Day 18:Arts+Crafts Supplies Day 19: Seasonal Decorations Day 20: Paperwork Day 21: Make Up, Skin, Bath Day 22: Kitchen Appliances Day 23: Catch Up Day 24: Pots, Pans, Bakeware Day 25: Entertaining Items Day 26: Books Day 27: Mementos Day 28: Kids' Clothes Day 29: Coat Closet Items Day 30: Catch Up

I Hope You Join the Challenge!

Click over to each section as you declutter and learn specific tips on how and where to get rid of each category- the eco-friendly way!

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