Declutter TECH Sustainably

By The Homestead Challenge

January 2024

According to Green Matters, deleting old emails (and unnecessary duplicate or blurry photos) could actually help reduce your carbon footprint since cloud storage takes up a lot of electricity.


Getting Started

A 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable is the perfect way to kick start your decluttering process into gear! I have created a printable guide to get you through 30 days of decluttering every area of your home (including tech!)


Organize and Delete Unused Apps: – Review the apps on your phone and identify those you rarely or never use. – Delete or uninstall apps that are not essential or serve no purpose. – Group similar apps into folders to keep your home screen clean and organized.

Clean Up Your Email Inbox: – Unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails that you no longer find useful. – Create folders or labels to organize emails into specific categories. – Archive or delete old emails that you no longer need, especially those in your inbox.

Set Up Filters and Rules: – Create filters or rules for your emails to automatically categorize and sort incoming messages. – Prioritize emails from important contacts and send less critical emails to specific folders. – This will help you focus on the most important messages without being overwhelmed.

Physical Tech items such as TVs, appliances, computers, old phones, should be RECYCLED (and it's not as hard as you think).


There are many local drops for recycling technology. One of the easiest is the Best Buy Recycling program. They take up to three items per household per day and recycle more products than I even knew could be recycled.

I Hope You Join the Challenge!

Click over to each section as you declutter and learn specific tips on how and where to get rid of each category- the eco-friendly way!

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