New Year's Cleaning and Decluttering the Eco-Friendly Way.

Whether you are Celebrating Earth Month, or Simply want to Clean and Declutter Responsibly, this Guide will Help You Navigate the Best Ways to Get Your Home Clean and Green!

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Do it in just 3 Simple Steps.


Clean your space using Natural Cleaners. You will save money AND the planet by skipping the toxic chemicals.

Make a Cleaner from Food Scraps.

Make Your own DIY Thieves Cleaner.

Make an All-Natural Wood Cleaner.

Learn to Declutter Sustainably.


Try the 30 Day Sustainable Declutter Challenge.

Decluttering sustainably helps the earth by reducing demand for new products, preventing waste, and promoting mindful consumption habits.

Print off your checklist and get to it!

Organize your home so you don't forget what you have, leading to more consumption and more waste!


Organize your fridge to reduce food waste (it doesn't have to look Pinterest-Perfect to Function.

For more natural living, I'd love for you to join me at The Homestead Challenge.

( I write about this stuff a lot)

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