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There are so many ways to work with herbs...


Don't let it overwhelm you! Find what you LOVE. 

The Secrets are in the Plants. To Elicit them, you have to Love them Enough.

George Washington Carver

Complete Wellness

This book is a comprehensive beginner’s guide to natural health and wellness, covering everything from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and self-care.

Herbs for Children's Health

This book is a practical guide to using herbs to support children’s health and well-being written by the one and only Rosemary Gladstar.

The Homesteaders Herbal Companion

This book is a comprehensive guide to growing, harvesting, and using herbs for food, medicine, and other practical purposes.

Mother Nature's Herbal

This book contains information on growing and using herbs, but it goes a step further into the cultural traditions and folklore of these herbs.

Wild Cocktails

This book is a delightful guide to creating delicious and unique cocktails using foraged ingredients.

Healing Herbal Infusions

Instead of an herbal reference book, this is more of a recipe book to help you build your own herbal medicine chest at home.

Botanical Anthology Magazine

With over 150 pages, this is packed with herbal inspiration for each season from recipes, to reference guides, and folklore.

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