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Don’t feel like you have to homestead any certain way, or even homestead for the same reasons as anyone else. That’s the beauty of the homesteading community.  There are different people from all walks of life at very different stages of their journeys, all still learning. I encourage you to look at what homesteading means to YOU.

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Traditional Homesteading

Picture this – pioneers venturing into the Wild West, claiming free land under the Homestead Act of 1862. These folks were the OG homesteaders. They built their homes, grew crops, and established a life from scratch. It was about survival, hard work, and that pioneering spirit.

Modern Homesteading

Fast forward to today, and we’ve got a modern twist on the classic homestead. Modern homesteaders embrace self-sufficiency too, but it’s not so much about claiming free land as it is about sustainable living. Think of it as a lifestyle choice – people cultivating their own food, raising chickens in the backyard, and maybe even generating their own energy. modern homesteading is more about consciously choosing a self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle in today’s world.

Modern Homesteading is about Choice

Back in the day, homesteading was often born out of necessity for survival. Now, it’s often a choice (of course, this is a privilege we are not all offered, but if you are reading this post, you are likely in a position of wanting to homestead to better your life, not out of survival) – a conscious decision to lead a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle. We’re not doing it because we have to; we’re doing it because we want to. That’s a blessing in itself!

Types of Homesteaders

1. Rural 2. Suburban 3. Urban 4. Off Grid No matter where you are, there’s a homesteading style that suits you – whether it’s wide-open spaces, the ‘burbs, the city skyline, or a close-knit community. It’s all about embracing that self-sufficient spirit in your own unique way!

10 Common Homesteading Skills

1. Gardening 2. Food Preservation 3. Raising Livestock 4. Composting 5. Beekeeping 6. Home Cooking 7. Basic Carpentry 8. Sewing 9. Herbalism 10. Survival Skills 11. Renewable Energy

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