Field Prep Foundations

Homesteading Redefined: Building a Sustainable Routine Aligned with Your Modern Values.

Discover how to seamlessly integrate effective time management strategies into your homesteading life, so you can fit in ALL of the homesteady things you want to do, and ditch the rest.

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Here’s What to Expect:

For five days, you’ll receive video content with daily tasks straight to your inbox, each designed to help you cultivate a more organized and productive approach to your homesteading activities.

Identifying Time Wasters

Find up to 4 more hours in your days (yes, seriously!) by crushing your time wasters and identifying where your time is going.

Homestead Goal Setting

Set your path for intentions so you can realign all of your time toward doing the things you want to do.

Time Blocking

Once you set your goals, plan them into action by allocating dedicated time blocks to those activities. This is so much better than an endless to-do list!

Automating + Delegating

Let’s be real. We cannot do it ALL. Let’s take some things OFF your plate by using a great mix of technology and community to help launch you toward your dream homestead.

Making it Stick!

You don’t have to give up when life happens. This flexible schedule creates rhythms in your days that can easily be altered for any season of life. Once you get your routine that actually works for YOU, you will see the progress you’ve always dreamed of.

Join the Challenge.


    • For anyone who deeply desires homesteading, but feels like they cannot fit it into their everyday lives.
    • For anyone who is trying to do all of the things, but spends their days moving from one task to the next without actually accomplishing anything.
    • For anyone who wants to stop being so “busy” and start spending time on the things they value most.

    Only about 15 minutes! Longer if you really want to dive deep into goal setting. Each video is fairly short, leaving you time to put the tips into action.

    It’s totally free!

    Nope! As soon as you sign up, you will start to receive the challenge over the course of 5 days. This is a competition with yourself and yourself only! If you need to skip a day, no problem! The email will be there in your inbox waiting for you.

    Hi Friend! I’m Brittany.

    Crunchy mom and modern suburban homesteader. I’ve been down the road of trying to learn all the homesteady things… I took all the courses, bought every Instagram bundle of information… bought a canner, a grain mill, a dehydrator, and more… and then I hit the burnout wall.

    But guess what? It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing ordeal. I’ve found a way to live out homesteading principles in my own modern style, letting go of some things and crafting a plan that sticks. And now, I’m here to guide you to do the same (with lots of inspiration, recipes, and lessons I’ve learned along the way)!

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