How to start a modern Homestead in 2024.

“Turn Your Waiting Room Into a Classroom.”

- Jessica Sowards Roots&Refuge

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Whether you are waiting for the Homestead of your dreams or are looking to live a homestead life where you're at, I've got you covered.


Start Your Sourdough Starter

Learn to Preserve

Make Cleaning Supplies

Build Your Garden

Learn to Use Herbs

Never Stop Learning







Top 6

Ways to Start Homesteading

Start Your Sourdough Starter.

I know. Sourdough starters are SO 2020. But it's not too late. I don't even care how often you use it. It is the #1 confidence builder for the homestead kitchen. Just do the thing!


Learn to Preserve Food BEFORE you have the Garden.

It is so much easier to learn to can, freeze, dehydrate, and preserve when you are not overwhelmed by the abundance of your harvest. Check out my favorite books to learn how below.


Learn to Use Herbs (if that's your thing).


Whether you use herbs for natural at home remedies, culinary use, or bath and body products, herbs can move you toward a natural way of living and provides an excellent way of connecting with the land. Click below to see some of my favorite uses.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies.


Homemade cleaners are the perfect way to use what you have on hand to save money and clean naturally. There are so many different things you can make. Check out my favorite DIY Thieves cleaner below.

Never stop learning.


Click one to learn.

Hi! I'm Brittany

I'm the creator of The Homestead Challenge. I am a modern homesteader living in the suburbs. I've learned a few things while waiting for the suburban homestead of my dreams, and I want to share it all with you!

You don't have to do it all! Pick your favorite thing and start there. If you need help deciding where to begin, check out the archives for all of the homesteading inspiration.

Feeling Overwhelmed?