Best Beginner Homesteading Blogs to Follow in 2024

Looking to start living a more natural and intentional life in the New Year? The world of homesteading can be incredibly overwhelming with so much to learn!

While I LOVE general homesteading blogs (I mean, hi. I have one), I think that the key to beginning your homesteading journey without burnout is to hone in on your interests and choose what areas of your home you want to enhance first. By taking the learning process step-by-step, you can avoid becoming too overwhelmed.

How do you know what kinds of Homesteading Blogs to look for?

The Best Homesteading Blogs in Different Categories

Once you find out where to begin, feel free to jump to the category that best suits your interests. These are my choices for the best homesteading blogs for each category.

Jump to: Homesteading Basics | From-Scratch Cooking | Natural and Sustainable Living | Gardening and Herbs | Lifestyle

Homesteading Basics Blogs


If you are not totally sure where to begin still, that is okay! Scrolling through the inspiration from these general homesteading blogs may spark something inside of you. Or maybe you are ready to take the leap and learn it all right away!

If you want any inspiration for what you might consider, “real homesteading,” instead of my modern homesteading approach, these first two blogs have all the best tips. From farm animals to self-sufficient living, these blogs are a great resource to get inspiration and a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of homesteading.

  • The Prairie Homestead is the quintessential homesteading blog (and YouTube channel) where Jill shares her life on the family farm, homesteading lifestyle, and other helpful tips for simple living. She talks about “returning to your roots” and providing for her young family from the land.
  • The Homesteading Family blog (and YouTube channel) are exactly who you imagine when you envision a homestead lifestyle. They share detailed knowledge from their farm life with very practical skills for homestead living. Their motto is “grow, preserve, thrive,” and they show you how to do just that!

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From-Scratch Cooking Blogs

cinnamon buns

Moving toward a more natural lifestyle had me start examining all of the ingredients in the food I buy from the grocery store. From-Scratch recipes are best way to ensure you know exactly what is in your food and going into your family’s bellies. When I started this journey, I truly did not know how to cook a thing! This simple approach to cooking is not only simple to learn, but it is the easiest way to start healthy living.

  • Farmhouse on Boone was one of the first blogs to inspire my homesteading journey. Lisa’s blog centers around “natural living, food from scratch, and a handmade home.” But my favorite parts are her real food recipes and from scratch cooking. Her recipes are easy to follow with no fuss and only simple ingredients (that’s my kind of cookin’). There’s also ALL the cast iron.
  • Mary’s Nest is literally the sweetest person to follow (think, who you wish you had as your grandma). She shares traditional cooking skills, food preservation such as dehydrating and canning, and frugal living. She is also an excellent resource for learning to save more money at the grocery store.

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Natural and Sustainable Living Blogs

non toxic living supplies

I started my own homesteading journey looking at ways to become more sustainable for our environment. It slowly grew into a love for non-toxic living and then spiraled into this “homestead” life. Non-toxic living is an integral part of homesteading as we look to be more in tune with the land around us.

  • Our Oily House is the best place on the internet to learn everything there is to know about essential oils and how to use them in DIYs for your home. From bath and body products to cleaning supplies, Laura shares it all.
  • Mommypotamus is a wonderful natural remedies for the whole family. Her tagline is “traditional wisdom + modern research,” which is my favorite approach to natural wellness! Her natural remedies will provide a great start to your non-toxic wellness journey as well.

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Gardening and Herbs Blogs

Gardening and foraging are incredible ways to control the ingredients going into your home. Not only does this ensure the quality and safety of the food right from the source, but it can save money too! Gardening is also known to be one of best ways to reduce stress by getting fresh air and slowing down to enjoy the simple life.

  • Roots and Refuge has been a favorite Youtube channel of mine for years, and I recently started engaging in the blog. Jess’ content is not only beautiful, but approachable with beginner information on organic gardening and growing your own produce. Her words of wisdom and inspiration are an added bonus!
  • The Herbal Academy is actually a place for online herbal courses, but their blog is a free resource with a wealth of knowledge for natural health. If you are looking to start an herb garden or start your home apothecary, they have all you need. Check out the Herbal Academy to learn natural herbal remedies and how to DIY home remedies.

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Homestead Lifestyle Blogs


Sometimes we get burnt out on all the homestead learning and need to reinvigorate our love for natural living. Here are two blogs (and YouTube channels) that inspire me weekly with their homesteading knowledge and beautiful content.

  • Parisienne Farmgirl shares many home DIY projects as they renovate their farmhouse, with a French twist! I love her traditional style and following along with her family.
  • The Elliott Homestead creates beautiful, drool-worthy visual content. Her homestead is (in my opinion), the perfect little moody cottage. Watching her cook in her beautiful kitchen gives me new life.

The Homestead Challenge

Not to be biased, but I think my personal blog also has some great resources for you to begin your homesteading journey! I am so happy to walk alongside you as we move toward a more natural life together.

If you know of any other awesome blogs I should follow, leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram!

Looking for more homesteading inspiration?

Click below to see my picks for the best podcasts to follow!

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