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Small Shop Gift Guide for the Modern Homemaker

Shop small this holiday season to make a big impact.

small shop gift guide

Shop Small this Holiday Season

Supporting small shops this Holiday Season is one of the best ways to support your values. Whether you want to support local business, military spouses, Black-owned businesses, or fellow homesteaders, I have several ideas for you! Not only are these fun gifts, but several of these items are on my own wish list.

Don’t get me wrong, I do buy from large corporations like Amazon and Target (check out my previous gift guide). Sometimes it is hard to get exactly what you want in stores or a small shop just does not make a substitute. That’s okay. We aren’t all perfect. This post is not to make you feel guilty. But we can shop small whenever possible. It’s very easy in today’s world where most small shops have an online presence.

This small shop gift guide contains either items that I already own or items that are on my wish list. Happy shopping! Let me know in the comments your favorite small shop for homesteader goodies.

Linen Bread Bag

One of the first things I did as a beginner homesteader was learn to make bread. I tend to make at least one loaf a week, and I never really know where to put them! This personalized linen bread bag from Bure Linen on Etsy would be the perfect addition to add to the new baker’s arsenal.

linen bread bag

Sourdough Crock

My sourdough starter is currently in a clear jar and it gets pretty ugly and crusty. Having a beautiful crock to hide it in would be useful and would also make my pantry #shelfie much prettier. I love this one from Dashing Ceramics on Etsy.

sourdough crock

Ceramic Fermenting Weights

When I started my fermenting journey, I didn’t even think about homemade weights! These weights from Sienna Ceramics on Etsy will make you feel extra special while preparing ferments (and they look pretty too!).

Homebody Shirt

I think these Homebody shirts are officially the only shirt that I don’t yet have from Reveille Shop, a military spouse owned apparel company (they have matching shirts for the kiddos too!). Perfect for all of us homemakers who truly love to stay at home.

Inclusive Santa Mugs

So these are actually great for anyone on your list. I wanted to include State of the Mother because she also makes killer potholders! These ceramic mugs are not only inclusive, but are totally handmade and hand painted!

inclusive santa mugs

Roots and Refuge Shirt

Warning, these shirts are only available for preorder until December 1, 2020! It’s all about starting your dream now, even if you don’t have your dream homestead just yet! Perfect inspiration for the homestead beginner.

Wood Mason Jar Lid

I use this mason jar lid from Jar Works on Etsy every single day for my iced coffee and I always receive compliments. How cool is it that it’s homemade?! They also offer many other types of lids.


What could be better than raw materials? I have not found beeswax in my area, but you can find it from small farms on Etsy! Perfect for candle making and many other bath and body products.

beeswax blocks

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