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35 Ridiculously Practical Homestead Gift Ideas

A list of super practical homestead gift ideas.

mason jar canned food homestead gift ideas

Is this list of homestead gift ideas actually practical?

I’ve made homestead gift guides before. They are usually full of homestead gifts that are pretty or fancy. Things most people wouldn’t buy themselves.

This is NOT that kind of gift guide. This guide is full the small things they would actually buy themselves! These are loving gifts you can give that are practical and can truly help someone out on a daily basis. Let’s be honest. These items probably aren’t on their wish list, so you know you won’t be buying a repeat gift!

Why would I want to buy ridiculously practical gifts?

We are well into the holiday season and you may want get a few last minute gifts or stocking stuffers. Please do not go buy crap you think the person will love! Of course, gardening gloves and a new trowel are beautiful… but how many does a person really need? Measuring cups? Got it. Pressure canner? Check. Food Dehydrator? Check.

We all know the world is getting more expensive. Practical Christmas gifts are the perfect way to help a family member or that homesteading friend as inflation continues to rise.

From personal experience, I would LOVE to receive any of these useful gifts. As a modern homesteader (and recovering hyper-consumer) myself, these gifts would help me continue on a path to a more meaningful and simple life. Don’t get me wrong, I still DO enjoy the crap sometimes. I just don’t need it.

two jars of homemade vanilla extract with labels

A List of 35 Homestead Gift Ideas

This list contains the best gifts that any homesteader buys over and over again.

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Mason Jars

Of course, every homestead kitchen already has mason jars. So why buy more? You can NEVER get enough. Each year, homesteaders plan to can more and more foods. They are ridding their kitchens of plastics. More mason jars are always a good thing.

Mason Jar Lids

If you are not a homesteader yourself, you may not know that you actually should not reuse mason jar lids for canning (they can be used for storage at that point). This means, homesteaders need to buy more lids each year, making this the perfect gift!

Reusable Mason Jar Lids

Reusable lids are even better than purchasing new lids each year. They are expensive though, for such a little item! Any homesteader would be delighted to add to their sustainable kitchen.

Avery Labels for Mason Jars

If your recipient likes to gift or sell their canned goods, printable labels will look beautiful to highlight their small business. These labels are high quality and create a professional label.

Mason Jar Pitcher Lid

Once you have a mason jar addition, you can’t stop. You can make a mason jar a pitcher, waterbottle, blender bottle, or pretty much whatever you can think of.

Pomona’s Universal Pectin

During jam-making season, pectin can be hard to find! Stock your loved one up with this special pectin that can also be used with lower sugar recipes.

Grass Fed Beef Tallow

This may seem weird. But beef tallow is a long-lasting product that can be used for cooking or making DIYs such as candles or body products.

Bulk Honey

If your homesteader is also into healthy living, they may replace most sugar with honey. During canning season, this can mean gallons!


With all those homemade broths, meat to cure, and cucumbers to pickle, a high-quality salt is a precious commodity.


Herbs and spices can sometimes be interchanged, but I like to keep them separate. Fancy, sometimes expensive herbs are a great gift that won’t go wasted in a from-scratch kitchen. Frontier Co-Op is my go-to for bulk kitchen spices.


Whether used for cooking or herbal wellness, herbs can be expensive and get used up very quickly. Check out Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals for popular choices. You honestly can’t go wrong, no matter which herb you pick.

Garden Seeds

Every homestead probably has a TON of seeds, but still cannot get enough. Many even like to have an emergency stash on hand. You know, just in case.

5 Gallon Buckets

How cute, practical AND sustainable would it be to “wrap” your gift in a 5-gallon bucket. From animal feed to flour or grain storage, these buckets are a staple for a true homesteader.

2.5 Gallon Buckets

If your recipient does a lot of from-scratch cooking, they need to have a lot of ingredients on hand at all times. This means a greater need for storage to keep dried goods fresh.

Gamma Lids

Many five-gallon buckets don’t even come with lids. Go for the best. Gamma lids are the best way to keep the goods stored in buckets fresh for a very long time.

Citric Acid

If you don’t can, you may have zero idea what this is. Doesn’t matter. It’s needed in canning recipes and can go out of stock during canning season.

Lemon Juice

Do you mean that cute little plastic lemon in the produce aisle at the grocery store? No. Get the good organic lemon juice without the weird preservatives.

Beef Jerky

Jerky is the quintessential homestead snack. The right kind is packed full of nutrients and delicious.

Beef Liver

You heard me. Many are turning to beef liver instead of conventional supplements and vitamins.

Individual Yeast Packets

Make sure your recipient is not a diehard sourdough fanatic first. I personally like to use yeast for my pizza, or if I need to make bread in a pinch! It is a great option to have as a backup in the homestead pantry.

Coconut Oil

From cooking to body products to seasoning cast iron, coconut oil is a total workhorse that regularly needs to be replenished.

Vanilla Beans

Homemade vanilla extract is so much cheaper than store-bought. Having the beans gifted would actually be a little blessing.

Yogurt Starter Culture

Instant pot yogurt is a fairly common practice among our kind. Having starter on hand could also give beginners (like myself), the push to finally start making our own.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is one of those kitchen items we never think we will run out of… until we do. Don’t let us run out on bread-baking day! Be a hero.

Baking Soda

Isn’t that cheap? Yes. Yes, it is. Perfect stocking stuffer. We need it for at least 75 uses around the house.

Olive Oil

Bulk olive oil can be very expensive, but it is the best way to get the best price per ounce. The best quality olive oil can bring any meal to the next level. I personally love the Bragg brand, but there are many great options available.

White Vinegar

Wait. Another gallon! Yes! I am recommending this as a 3-gallon gift trio with the olive oil and apple cider vinegar. It would be an amazing gift (and amazingly heavy), and the perfect pantry addition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

While you are at it with the bulk buying, a gallon of apple cider vinegar will go a long way in recipes and making fire cider this time of year.

Essential Oils

Many homesteaders can never have too much lemon or lavender essential oil for their natural living broom closets. Make sure they are okay with EOs though, because some people are not!

Replacement Water Filter

Your homesteader almost certainly already has a Berkey, Alexa Pure, or Reverse Osmosis water filter. If you know which one, grab them another filter! You cannot have too many and it is something many of us forget to replace.

Fruit Tree or Bush

If you live in an area where you can still plant in the winter, fruit trees or bushes would be a gift that would keep giving year after year. As a bonus, I bet you will get to reap some of the future benefits as well when they give you fresh fruit or berries! Read more in the link for what trees you can buy in your area in December.

Gift Card to the Local Grocery Store

This may seem boring, but it is the most practical way to help a homesteader stock their pantry.

Handmade Gifts Using One of Their Products

Last but not least… If your recipient has ever given you raw products like honey, beeswax, or similar, make them something with it! The personal touch will probably make it one of the best things they receive this year.

There is only ONE item on this list of homestead gift ideas that I have never purchased. Can you guess what is it? Let me know in the comments!

olive oil, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar

Sorry if this list is not quite the fancy homesteader gift guide you were looking for. If you are looking for something a tad more elevated, check out my list of gift ideas for the beginner homesteader or my herbal wellness gift guide!

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About the Author:

I’m Brittany, totally modern and mainstream turned crunchy mama!

Read more here about how I went from a totally incompetent cook and hyper-consumer to striving to live a more meaningful life from scratch.

I can’t wait to share my modern homesteading journey with you and I hope I inspire you to join along!

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  1. I need to send this list to my husband and family!! This is so practical. I would be in heaven if I received anything off this list. You nailed it 🙂

  2. This is like my love language. Seriously. I wish people would shop for me off of this list or the herbalist list lol. I would really love to open any of those gifts!

  3. YES! This is such a common-sense list of gift ideas but somehow at Christmas the family goes BLANK on what we would actually use and enjoy! I would also add lumber for homestead projects…and good nails and screws. You can never have enough! Great post!!

  4. What a great list! We do a decent amount of canning and I consider myself somewhat of a homesteader…these are all great gift ideas! Definitely pinning this for later!

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