10 Best Gift Ideas for Beginner Homesteaders: Create a Homestead Starter Kit!

Gift ideas for those looking to live a from-scratch, sustainable lifestyle.

homesteader gift ideas

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What do I buy a homesteading beginner?

Do you have a friend or loved one interested in moving toward a from-scratch way of life? If they are anything like me, I have given up many old interests. I used to want clothes, make up, and tons of Bath & Body Works. But those things just aren’t me anymore. So what the heck do you buy someone like me? These 10 homesteader gift ideas are useful and practical, but are still something a little special that the recipient will love. I bought all of these over the course of my first few months learning to homestead, and it really would have been great to get some as gifts!

Think Sustainably

If you are buying for someone who is interested in homesteading, they likely also have some interest in sustainable living. Great gift ideas involve things that they can actually consume or use regularly. Beginners often do not have a ton of space, so each item in their home must have a purpose.

Guide to Buying for a Homesteader

  1. Is the item useful? It can be an experience, a consumable like food or bath product, or would be a useful addition to their home (something someone would use at least once a week).
  2. Is the item sustainable? Sustainable shopping can include buying sustainable materials, from sustainable or local companies, and/or buying high quality products that will last.
  3. Is the item educational? An experience or learning material can be very useful for beginner homesteaders.

Gift Ideas for Homesteading Beginners

Weck Jars

Any type of canning or storage jars are the silent workhorse of the homesteader kitchen. They are there, holding fresh flour, containing fermented goodness, and preserving the season’s bounty. Regular Ball jars are great, but there is something beautiful about Weck jars. Weck jars look amazing on a pantry shelf and will last forever. My favorite size is this .5 liter, but there are many sizes and shapes to choose from. I also use the Weck milk jug, as seen in my Homemade Oat Milk recipe. They are a little bit more expensive than traditional mason jars, so they make for the perfect gift that a homesteader might not purchase for themselves.

Fermenting Kit

The beginner homesteader can ferment at home without any fancy tools, but they sure do make life easier! Using glass weights and actual fermenting toppers is so much easier to use and to clean and can make fermenting a very fast and easy project. I used a set like this in my Sauerkraut Basics Recipe. I use the wood vegetable tamper for more than just fermenting.


Composting seems scary, but with the right tools it is actually very easy! A beginner homesteader might not have a lot of land to start a huge compost pile. This tumbler can be used in a fairly small space and is even renter-friendly. Simply place leftover scraps (equal parts greens and browns) in the tumbler, spin it every once in a while, and in a few months you will have nutrient rich compost to enhance any garden.

Compost Bin for Inside

In order to collect scraps for composting, a homesteader needs a solid container. There are a ton of compost bins with filters available, but I always hear mixed reviews. I wanted something that would look good on the counter, did not cost a lot, and wouldn’t smell or attract flies. These restaurant bins with the matching lids were the perfect solution. I have been using the combo for several months now and have had no issues with smells or bugs.

Seed Starter Kit

Growing food is the starting point to many homesteaders’ journeys. Growing food from seed is not only cheaper than buying plants, but there is a lot more variety in seeds you can buy. It is a lot easier to find a high quality organic seed than to pick up something from the garden section of a big box store. Homesteaders need to start these seeds inside in the winter before they can move them out to the garden in the spring. A seed starter kit (perhaps with some seeds to go with it) is a perfect and timely gift to get someone started on their garden.

Smithey Cast Iron Skillet

smithey cast iron skillet

A beautiful cast iron skillet is necessary in any homesteader’s kitchen. As the world seems to be moving away from toxic Teflon pans, learning to cook on cast iron is a skill every home chef must learn. There are many affordable pans out there that will do amazing, but for an extra special gift, this Smithey cast iron skillet is to-die-for. Its polished interior helps it be even less non-stick and it honestly just looks beautiful in the kitchen.

Beeswax Wraps

A budget friendly gift for anyone on your list is the beeswax wrap. A lot of sustainably minded homesteaders are moving away from using plastic wrap and need alternatives in their kitchen. I use beeswax wraps to cover cans, wrap bread and desserts, and just about anything you would normally use plastic wrap for. You honestly cannot have enough of these. I prefer the largest size for the most usability.

Fermented Vegetables Book

Beginners have a lot to learn. Fermenting vegetables is the easiest way to learn to preserve food. I used this book to start my fermenting journey. It contains everything from basic sauerkraut to complicated ferments, curries, relishes, and pickled goodies. This book will teach you some of the science behind fermenting and will bring you from beginner to expert in no time. It even has a section on mold and scum! That’s pretty festive if you ask me!

Breadmaking Book

Another excellent idea is a book on breadmaking. This is also a beginner homesteader skill to learn. I actually do not have this book yet (hint, hint!), but it contains all of the basics of bread and pizza dough making for the at-home boulanger! From basic methods and equipment to recipes and troubleshooting, this book will be the breadmaking bible every beginner homesteader needs.

Barebones Garden Tools

Whether homesteading or not, a lot of people already have basic garden tools. Barebones tools are anything but basic. They are tough, unique, and will last several lifetimes. This Hori Hori knife will dig up weeds like a champ, dig holes, and can even pop the top off your favorite beverage. It also looks pretty sexy, as far as garden tools go. I also recommend the Barebones Scissors for cutting herbs in the garden and in the kitchen.

Sustainable Homesteading Gift Alternatives

If you are looking for something even more sustainable, second hand items are the way to go. Whether the item is thrifted or a family heirloom, a homesteader will love the history and uniqueness behind the gift.

A beginner homesteader will have many new talents to show off and will likely start entertaining more. Having beautiful and unique dinnerware to display homemade breads, cheeses, or desserts is a must.

I love to mix and match thrifted pieces to give my tablescape a unique look and would love to receive such pieces as gifts. Below are a few of my favorite thrifted pieces. I recently got the teapot for $1 and plan to use it as a vase for my Thanksgiving centerpiece.

thrifted table decor gift ideas

These gift ideas are all items that I would love to receive. What are some of your beginner homesteading must haves? Let me know in the comments!

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