The 5 Best Phone Apps for Suburban Homesteaders

Some homesteaders may say that technology is bad, but if we use it mindfully, it can be super helpful in streamlining some of our homestead processes. Today, I want to share with you the five best phone apps for modern homesteaders (in my humble opinion).

While I often discuss how phones can take away our time (guilty social media scroller here!), I want to focus on using our smart devices as powerful tools to help us achieve our homesteading goals, embrace a sustainable lifestyle, and efficiently manage our homesteads.

Check out my top 5 best phone apps for homesteaders below. Let me know your favorite homestead application in the comments!

The 5 Best Mobile Apps for Homesteaders

You can find these apps in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Keep these powerful tools in your back pocket to reclaim your phone time! Stop doom-scrolling and start using your phone to increase efficiency and optimize your time. Unlimited access to information is a powerful tool. We just have to be sure to know when a mobile device is helping and when it becomes too much.

Here are my 5 picks for simple, helpful apps for your homestead:

white oak pastures app

1. Grocery Planning Apps: Maximize Your Savings

Meal planning is crucial for modern homesteaders. Utilize apps from your local grocery store to compare prices and plan your meals efficiently. Whether you shop at Aldi or another store, these apps help you buy in bulk, save money, and stay on track with your financial and health goals. My favorite place to purchase meat online is via the White Oak Pastures app.

ovia fertility app

2. Cycle Tracking Apps: Empower Your Planning

For those with menstrual cycles, cycle-tracking apps like Ovia can be incredibly helpful. Beyond fertility tracking, this free app allows you to understand your energy levels and mood throughout different phases of your cycle. It is not just for natural methods of birth control! Cycle tracking is so much more than monthly reminders of our periods. Tailor your activities, whether planning, gardening, or resting, to align with your energy levels during each cycle phase.

1000 hours outside app

3. 1000 Hours Outside: Encourage Outdoor Time

For those seeking to spend more time outdoors (you know we all need it), consider the “1000 Hours Outside” app. This app helps track outdoor hours, encouraging families to enjoy nature. Set goals and track your progress, making outdoor time a priority for you and your children. This is the only paid app on the list (currently $3.99).

plantnet app

4. PlantNet App: A Digital Field Guide for Plant ID

Enhance your responsible foraging skills and expert gardening knowledge with the PlantNet app. This app aids in plant identification, allowing you to explore and understand the wild plants growing in your surroundings. While not always totally accurate, it provides a valuable baseline for those starting their foraging journey and can be a great identifying tool for both wild and cultivated plants. Simply use your phone’s camera and snap a picture of a plant and it will tell you what it is, and how sure they are.

merlin bird app

5. Merlin Bird ID App: Discover the Birdlife Around You

For those budding bird enthusiasts (aka all of us Millennials), the Merlin Bird ID app is a fascinating tool. Identify birds by listening to their songs, making it a delightful game for outdoor enthusiasts. While not directly related to homesteading, it’s a great app for outdoor nerds (like me) looking to connect with nature.

Bonus Apps: Homestead Planning and Beyond

The next app did not quite make the list, simply because I have not used it yet! I only wanted to provide a list of what I know works best to actually help. But I am excited to try out this next one to see if it streamlines the garden planning process.

planter app

Planter App: Draw and Build Your Dream Garden

This handy tool lets you plan out all of your raised beds and gardens with what plants to plant and information about each plant, including when to sow! While I have not personally tested the Planter App yet, it promises a fun and interactive way to plan your garden. It is useful for both the beginner and expert gardener.


Podcast Apps: Stay Informed and Inspired

Ensure you have your favorite podcast app installed, whether it’s Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Having easy access to homesteading podcasts, including ours, can provide valuable insights and inspiration for your homesteading experience. Check out my picks for podcasts for homesteaders.

Before you rush to download these apps, don’t forget to check their privacy practices and developer’s privacy policy. Your data privacy is as important as your homesteading success.

Listen on the Podcast

Don’t forget to leave a review on the podcast and share your favorite mobile app in the comments of this post below! Together, let’s continue to grow, learn, and thrive in our homesteading adventures.

Online Communities

And let’s not forget about the community aspect. Joining Facebook groups or forums linked to these apps can connect you with like-minded individuals. These platforms offer a wealth of knowledge, regular blog posts, and support for your homesteading journey. Just be careful! I recently joined a canning group with millions of followers and the owner of the group only posts stolen content! Yikes!

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Embracing Technology for a Richer Homesteading Experience

It’s clear that the right smartphone applications can significantly enrich our homesteading experience. From the hands-on garden manager in your pocket to the expert advice center for plant identification, these apps are more than just digital tools; they’re partners in our journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Whether you’re an expert gardener or just starting out, apps like the PlantNet app can transform your phone’s camera into a powerful ally right in the palm of your hand, helping you identify a variety of plants and offering cultivation information. And for those interested in the health benefits of homesteading, these apps provide invaluable resources to guide you.

Lastly, while exploring these apps, be mindful of each app’s privacy practices and the developer’s privacy policy. Your data privacy and security practices are crucial in this digital age.

As we embrace these technologies, let’s use them to guide us in the right direction, towards a more efficient, informed, and connected homesteading life. Remember, every tool, be it a smartphone app or a piece of farming equipment, plays a role in shaping our journey.

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