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6 Tips to Start Your Homestead Anywhere: My Military Homestead

You Can Homestead Wherever You Live

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You don’t need to have a traditional homestead to get started. So many of us dream about a huge homestead with tons of animals and a huge garden. And actually… some of us don’t! I used to think that I wanted it all, but then I realized I just want to homestead where I am at right now (okay, a *little* more space would be nice). You can actually homestead anywhere.

You do not have to have a farm or even want a tons of farm animals. Spoiler: you don’t even have to decorate in the farmhouse style in order to homestead! Homesteading is my way of living a more sustainable, healthier, and financially savvy life using what you have.

How To Homestead Anywhere

1. Scale a Garden to Your Homestead

You can garden ANYWHERE. You just need to scale it to fit the space you have available. If you have never gardened before, check out my free garden planning printable to get started. Growing as much food as you can from scratch will connect you to the land, give you pride in your homestead, and will even help you to be more creative in the kitchen.

We are so excited to build our beds soon. Let me know in the comments if you want to see a post on how we build our potager garden.

military backyard shows you can homestead anywhere

2. Source Food Locally

For those things you don’t have the space (or desire) to grow yourself, source locally. There are so many reasons to source local, I created a whole post about it! Sourcing locally is the next best thing to growing food yourself. You can also meet local farmers and perhaps learn a few tips about gardening in your area.

Working Cows Dairy

3. Preserve What You Grow Through Fermenting

Fermenting is not as scary as it sounds. I actually think it is easier than canning! Just start making sauerkraut to gain some confidence and go from there! I was so scared to start this process, but once I found out how easy it was, I became addicted. Fermenting is the best way to capture the best produce in the summer (whether you grow it or source it locally) to enjoy all winter long.

homestead pantry shelves

4. Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

I actually started my homesteading journey by creating my own cleaning and home supplies. It is SUPER easy and you can actually make them with things you already have around the house. Part of homesteading is not only making what we can from scratch, but ridding our home of toxic chemicals for a more natural lifestyle.

all natural cleaning supplies diy

5. DIY Bath and Body Products

I am still on my journey of making DIY bath and body products. So far, I have made my own bath bombs. If you watch that video, you’ll see why I probably wouldn’t recommend starting there! Next on my list is a DIY body lotion and I think that will be much more simple. If you decide not to make your own, look for local or homemade sources to begin your natural lifestyle journey.

orange zest bath bomb

6. Keep Your Mindset on Sustainability

Many of the above steps to homesteading are all sustainable options, but I challenge you to become more sustainable in all aspects of your life. Natural living, regenerative farming, making more, and using less are all ways to minimize our environmental impact.

Besides the above mentioned, some other ways I am working on sustainability in my homestead are composting, purchasing second hand home décor and clothing, and repairing items instead of buying new. All of these will lead to a slower, more sustainable lifestyle that is back to our roots. I still have a long way to go on this journey, but if we can take these steps little by little, we can make a big impact and inspire others to do the same.

compost to homestead anywhere

Can You Farm Without the Farmhouse?

homestead kitchen

Do you feel left out or less than because your house doesn’t look like all of those light and bright homesteads you see on the internet? What if you don’t even have a farm? What if you live in a rental!? I’m here to tell you that you can still homestead wherever you are, with whatever style you love.

My style is a mix of midcentury, boho, moody, and modern. Wouldn’t it be a boring life if we all had the exact same homestead style?

moody home decor living room

Proof You Can Homestead Anywhere

If you don’t already see how you can have a homestead anywhere, let me prove it to you! As I said, I live in a rental home on a military base. No farm here! Watch the video to tour my homestead.

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  1. This is a beautiful post Brittany! As a military wife, this is so encouraging! Just because our homes are so often temporary doesn’t mean that we can’t grow roots and invest in making the most of our time there. You are inspiring!

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